8/31/2004 02:54:00 PM|W|P|SDG|W|P|Most are aware the two French journalists have been kidnapped by Iraqi IslamoFacists demanding the recision of a French law banning the hijab in public places such as schools. In editorial that succinctly sums up the preternatural French ability to learn the wrong lesson from any set of facts, the Le Monde newspaper opines in an editorial [translation mine]:
No one is safe and no diplomacy can constitute some sort of Maginot Line that will protect us better than our Spanish or Italian neighbors from the death wish which has been at work since the September 11, 2001 attacks.
Simply stunning. While it is refreshing to see the mainstream press in France ackowledge that they have a problem, one is left to wonder whether the intervening 65 years wiped out the French memory that the Maginot Line was a complete failure?!?!?! Or, more to the point, that this French pipedream where by helping the Iranians build their reactors and jobbing it to the Israelis every chance she gets, France will immunize herself from the poisin of IslamoFacism is exactly a brand new-Maginot Line. The quote also nicely captures the French failire to appreciate the essential truth that 9/11 wasn't the start of the problem with IslamoFacism, only the straw that broke the American camel's back. Terrorism of this sort started long before 9/11. The only change since then is that some have started to fight back while others still fail to see the problem.|W|P|109397959620696442|W|P|The French Are Bigger Idiots Than You Thought|W|P|