4/29/2004 09:58:00 PM|W|P|SDG|W|P|I was in Washington, D.C. on business this week. Although I didn't get to see it up close, on a few occasions, I was able to go by the site of the new National World War II Memorial several times. First off, I need to begin this by saying that the World War II generation deserves a memorial. Of the over 16 million Americans to serve in that war, 405,973 gave their lives to defeat Hitler's fascist nightmare and Hirohito's magalomaniacal schemes. Their sacrifice is the sad, but necessary, foundation of America's greatest national undertaking. The memorial planning was marred by those who felt that its location would deteriorate the sublime layout of the National Mall. I think, however, it is Fredrich St. Florian's design itself that is the true problem. I distincly recall commenting to myself several years ago, when the plans were first shown, that the design seemed more like the monument that Hitler would have had Albert Speer design to remind the citizens of a conquered America of the might of its new Teutonic rulers. Having seen the finished product, my feelings are unswayed. While, in fairness, the scale is certainly less grandiose than its German progenitors, it is a large and impersonal design and the engraved names of those who served (and paid for for by private donors) do nothing to return a sense of humanity to the monument. The masses of stone and their stark, perpendicular placements, the wreathes of iron and the broad, paved plazas of the central areas are eerily reminiscent of what those who did survive found when they overran the Reich.

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St. Florian
WWII Memorial, Washington

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While one can argue that a world war, by definition, is the archtype of inhumanity, I think that misses the point that World War II was the product of those who sought to make mankind nothing more than his subservience to Fuhrer and Emporer. It was a war - a monumental war - on humanity itself. Those who didn't live to see their sacrifice bear fruit deserved far better than this. The bubbling fountain will do nothing to soften the harsh comparisons the design so eagerly draws. |W|P|108329031107568975|W|P|An Overdue Memorial. An Unfortunate Design.|W|P|4/21/2004 11:42:00 PM|W|P|SDG|W|P|
'Nuff said.|W|P|108260536528520810|W|P|Dude, Where's My Dignity?|W|P|4/20/2004 04:00:00 PM|W|P|SDG|W|P|
Hitler's dream of a fascist, totalitarian, Jew-free world with a master race is alive and well these days, sadly. Of course, it may not be quite the master race the Fuhrer dreamed of, but why nitpick - today's lefties certainly don't? Mad props to the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler for a poignant photoshop job...or is it?|W|P|108249124424953552|W|P|A Good Birthday for Hitler|W|P|